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Antique Rocking Horses

Polly is an extra carved, 41" high rocking horse made by Swan Manufacturing C1914.  She was fully restored by David Kiss of the Rocking Horse Workshop (author of A Kiss of Rocking Horses), UK in 1998 and is also featured in David's book on page 431.

Her paintwork has since been restored by Max Geranio who worked on two carousel commissions with Patricia Mullins, and she is now perfect in every way. 


Polly is a very special horse.  She has her original stand (very rare to find this with Swan horses), as well as original brackets, irons, an id number plate on her stomach (numbered 199168) along with the letter 'c' stamped on the underneath of the stand base and on the leading underside face of both runners.


Stencilled on top of the stand is the name 'Polly'.  The horse is of very good quality, with detailed carving, tenoned legs, turned posts etc and would have been made in her time for the discernible end of the market.  Polly is a rare find.


Her condition is excellent and she is a very, very pretty horse.  She measures 41" to the top of her ears, (32" to her saddle), is 46" long and 14" wide.

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